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    What is the alkaline ion water?

    Simply speaking, reduction refers to getting and losing electrons. In case that water is reduced, it is classified into alkaline water and acidic water. That is, this refers to increasing and decreasing of pH (hydrogen ion indicator: hydrogen quantity in the water) in the water. Alkaline water refers to the water abundant with hydrogen ions.
    Alkaline ion water refers to the water activated on the negative (-) side in the electrolysis of the distilled water though high efficient filters. Such water has so abundant with various minerals and reductive capacity that even academy recommends of drinking it for health for a long time.
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    The principle of generating alkaline ion water.


    Various contaminating materials including dirt, chlorine, rust and chloride floats are removed as the source water passes through two high efficient filters. Then, it also passes though an electrolytic tank. Within the electrolytic tank provided with direct electric current from the power supplier, positive plates and negative plates are arranged in turn, and a diaphragm is placed between them. The water is electrolyzed and divided into alkaline electrolytic water and acid water with the diaphragm between them.

    The chemical reaction formula of the alkaline electrolytic water

    : 4H2O->4OH-+2H2

    The chemical reaction formula of the acid water: 2H2O->4H++2(O)+4e

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    Isn`t Water Ionizer a general water purifier?


    A water purifier cleans water using a filter, however Water Ionizer is equipped with a water purifier. So Water Ionizer provides not only a purificating water function but also uses electricity energy to induce water to alkali ion-water and acidic ion-water which is essential to achieve beauty culture. Water Ionizer is a medical appliance product which has been approved from KFDA(Korea Food & Drug Administration).

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    When do filters have to be replaced?


    It becomes very easy to know when to replace filters with Water Ionizer as the numerical value indicating the amount of Usage of the filter is displayed that has been integrated by its flow sensor. When the time to relace filters come, filter icon displayed flickers and voice supported messages are given. Normally, the filter last for 6 months respectively

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    How much alkaline ion water can we drink in a day?


    Some people say that the proper volume is two liters while others say that it should be 30 ml per kilogram of body weight. However, from a medical point of view, the exact amount is still to be defined. The main function of this water is to help discharge body waste. Thus, the question of how much ionized water should be taken daily depends on the person. 

    For example, people who play extreme sports and those who drink alcohol need to drink more water. Such types of persons should drink two liters of water daily as the basic volume; whether more water is required depends on each person's specific situation. 

    It's especially important for chronically ill persons, smokers, people who often eat instant food, and those exposed to contaminants in cities, to drink a greater volume of water in order to preserve their health.

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    When I store alkaline ion water in a bottle, I see it goes misty and deposits forming.

    What is happening?

    This is because alkali ion water is rich in calcium minerals.
    This happens because when CO3 is available a lot, CO3 is combined with calcium, this extracts CaCO3. This implies that reducing process is being done.
    There is nothing wrong with drinking the contents, however you are advised to wash the container.
    You might want to purchase citric acids from a pharmacy and dissolve it in 1ℓ of water to clean the container. However you are advised to wash the container.
    You might want to purchase citric acids from a pharmacy and dissolve Getting deposits formed hardly happens in clean water, CaCO3 might be extraced more when water is rich in minerals or CO3 as more reducing ion seperating progress will take place. In such case, pH must be adjusted to the right level for that particular water
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    What is the foam generated inside the alkaline ion water?


    Hydrogen gas is generated at the side of alkaline ion water when the water is analyzed by electrolysis. Data shows that this gas gets rid of the activated oxygen that can be fatal to the human body. So, people are advised that it is better to drink reduction water as much as possible.

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    What are those particles floating on the alkaline ion water?


    The floating particles are generated when the contents of minerals that are dissolved in tap water are relatively high or when undissolved calcium inside the tap water rises to the top of the water, particularly in cases when there is low water pressure. 

    In such cases, perform manual cleaning and then lower the electrolysis stage for the protection of the electrolysis tub. 

    The consumer does not have to worry about floating particles. Any floating, undissolved calcium is not absorbed by the stomach, but flows into the large intestine for exit out of the body.

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    Can I drink boiled alkaline ion water?


    The reduction power of alkaline ion water decreases because alkaline water is inactivated if it is boiled. Therefore, you had better not boil it except when used for cooking with foodstuffs or for tea.

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    How long can alkaline ion water be stored in normal temperature?


    The best way to drink alkaline water is to instantly drink it after getting it from the ionizer. However, storing it in a bottle for two or three days before drinking it would not cause any problem. In such cases, though, the bottle should be cleaned often. You should clean the bottle regularly with acidic water in order to prevent calcium from sticking inside the bottle.

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    Doesn't the human body become too alkaline if we drink alkaline ion water?


    The reason that alkaline ion water becomes alkaline is due to the minerals that are dissolved in the water. Our body has its own buffer system (phosphate buffer system, or bicarbonate buffer system) inside it, which normalizes the body's pH state no matter how much alkaline water or acidic water we drink.

    Rather, bad things happen when the body becomes acidic. If our bodies accumulate too much of these acidic substances as a result of adult diseases such as diabetes or kidney diseases, the body's pH level can go below 6.8, which could result in death.

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    Why does the water taste strange?


    This can happen at any time, depending on changes in the original water in terms of its water pressure, its components and seasons.

    It is not caused by the product itself. 

    The taste may seem somewhat odd to you; this is the effect of different water components that may result when you change your ionizer to another one. In this case, you should drink the Stage 1 water to let your taste buds adapt to the new ionizer, rather than drinking the strong alkaline water directly.

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    What is the automatic cleaning function for?


    The automatic cleaning function is designed to protect the electrolysis tub from damage. During automatic cleaning, please stop the water supply.

    The ionizer is automatically cleaned every time 30 liters or more are drained from it.