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Water ionizer


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    Water ionizer
  • Dimension
    300(W) X 135(D) X 355(H)
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The getting smarter the more convenient!

The wider screen, 4-inch TFT, LCD & The large CPU capacity
The rich color of 262,000 gives you more information and convenience.


Exclusive, Fully Programmable,
Motion Activated Flow Sensor

Proximity sensor function for automatic water outflow


Auto Fill Quantity Selector & Jog Dial Control

Fixed quantity discharge function


Accustomed way of use like a Smart phone

Updated Screen Layout Display


First Customized LCD Design Display
In A Water Ionizer

Multiple Custom Display Themes


Automatic Cleaning function Setting

Customize your Water Ionizer automatic cleaning cycle
based on your use and source water


ECO Mode and Time Display Setting

Earth-Friendly Technology When in ECO Mode


Filter Usage Indication
and Replacement Time Guide

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    Filter usage memory function

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    Filter Usage Indication
    and Replacement Time Guide

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    Super Simple Filter
    Replacement System

SMART safety Diagnosis function

When user environment is not suitable for protecting user and product,
and automatic water outflow will is stopped.

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    Automatic Stop Function

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    Sensing function of supplied raw water

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    Temperature sensor

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    Detects if filter door is open


Drain Faucet

It comes with a Drain faucet that can be
easily installed to anywhere on the sink.


turbo_02 turbo_03

Supports Natural Cleaning for Your Home and Food Safety The electrolytic technology of pure water without additive produces natural cleaning water, disinfection water.

Antibacterial and Disinfection power 99.9% (KTL Exam completed)

pH Usage
Alkaline Turbo pH 10 ~ 12 Cleaning, disinfection
Acidic Turbo pH 3.5 ~ 2.5 disinfection
※ CAUTION : Turbo is not for drinking.

Composition of Product


Operation of the Touch Screen

No Name No Name No Name
01 Alkaline level 1 07 Acidic level 2 13 Manual Cleaning
02 Alkaline level 2 08 Acidic level 3 14 Eco mode On/Off
03 Alkaline level 3 09 Fixed qty discharge 15 Proximity sensor select
04 Purified water 10 Filter usage 16 Proximity sensor
05 Turbo water 11 System setup
06 Acidic level 1 12 Voice On/Off

TYENT's Technological Prowess

Equipped with the most powerful turbo engine SMPS

  • · Increased Electrolytic efficiency & safety!
  • · EU CE Safety Management System CLASS2
  • · Strengthening of double insulation system electricsafety standard

Generating of Alkaline water starts
with a stable power supply

By applying the Switching Mode Power Supply (SMPS)method, the AC Line frequency.
(50Hz~60Hz) is converted into DC, changing it into a high frequency for use.

  • num_01

    Changes in the output voltage in correlation to changes in the input power

    Because the input exchange voltage is changed into a high dc voltage and controlled at a high-frequency, no changes occur in the output voltage.
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    Stable power supply

    The supply of electrical power remains consistent even during continual use, thus maintaining optimal performance.
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    Electrical safety

    In case of overcurrent or overvoltage, it automatically cuts off the supply of electricity to the inside of the product.
pro_17 [ Patent 10-0714055 ]

Industry's first & largest Electrolytic Cell
Quantity of Electrodes installed! - 13 Electrolytic Cell!

  • num_01

    A platinum coated titanium mesh covers

    Round-edge type for considering the characteristics of the electricity.
  • num_02

    Dualization of water inlet in electrolyzer

    Prevention of internal pressure in electrolytzer and improvement of electrolysis effectiveness.
    Stable water outflow for alkaline water and acid water.
  • num_03

    Thread Mounted Types

    Improvement of the precision between electrode and membrane structure.


  • pro_19

    Rich in healthy minerals, which provide excellent heat conductivity, and facilitates dissolution of nutrients thereby speeding up metabolism.

    Removes various smells from water and makes water tasty. Fine artificial film filters out contaminated materials including ordinary bacteria while maintaining essential minerals in the water.

    Removes harmful chemicals like chlorine and compounds like agrichemicals, detergents, large suspended matter like rust, sediments, and other volatile organic compounds efficiently via activated absorption method.

Easy to manage Front-load filters

Open and close type door & simple filter replacement system (Patent 10-0831027)

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  • pro_21
Model YT22-4TL13D
Exterior of Product Dimension 300(W) x 135(D) x 355(H) mm Weight 5.8kg
Use Environment Water temperature 4~35℃ Water pressure 1~5kgf/㎠
Water outflow Outflow method Electronic outflow structure Water outflow Below 2L/min
pH levels 3 Alkaline, 1 Neutral, 3 Acidic, Turbo
Controls and display Controls Touch screen & Jog Dial Display 4inch TFT-LCD
Electrolysis section Water Cell Plate Materials Platinum and Titanium Electrolytic Cell Quantity of Electrodes 13
Power Power supply SMPS
Filters configuration Filter Structure 2-Filter system
Quantity discharge Proximity sensor
ECO mode Time mode
Automatic Cleaning Manual Cleaning
Voice announcement Filter usage indication
Automatic Stop Function Voice setting
Supplying water sensor Water temperature
SMART self Diagnosis Error indication
Adjustable Alkaline pH Adjustable Acidic pH
Language setting proximity sensor setting
Cleaning cycle setting ECO mode cycle setting
Stand by setting Volume control
Filter reset Time setting

Uses of Alkaline water

To cook lusciously glazed,
delicious rice

Wash the rice with acidic water 1~2 times and then rinse with purified water. Use level-2 or level-3 alkaline water to soak the rice for about 30 minutes and then cook the create glutinous, glazed rice with exceptional savory taste that doesn't spoil easily. (Use a smaller quantity of water than when cooking with ordinary water.

To parboil vegetables to
bring out their vivid colors

Boiling colored vegetables with alkaline ionized wear brings out the natural vividness of the bright green and yellow hues of the vegetables.

To enjoy tea

Just place the barley tea bag in the alkaline ionized water. Even without boiling, the water's strong absorbing, dissolving effects elicits 10 times more of the tea, creating a rich brew. This save the time and energy usually consumed by boiling and cooling before storing the tea in the refrigerator.

To brew thick soups from
Meat or bone

When simmering thick soups from beef or bone, using alkaline ionized water brings out all the savory nutrients at once, creating a deep and rich taste.

To tenderize meat dishes

Marinating the meat in alkaline ionized water for 20~30 minutes enables you to enjoy a more tender dish.

To create a smooth alcoholic
drink or cocktail

Our water adds a mildness and smoothness to the special drink or cocktail that you create, and ice made from our alkaline ionized water will add even greater flavor. Cocktails made with alkaline ionized water are relatively neutralized, and thus prevents hangovers.

To add a deeper aroma
and color to your tea

Our water removes the bitterness of coffee and the unappealing astringent taste of green tea while bringing out the tea's natural taste and aroma.

To prepare brewed
oriental medicine

When preparing brewed oriental medicine, try using our alkaline ionized water. It deeply penetrates the medicinal ingredients to bring out their beneficial effects, giving you a result superior to re-brewing and mixing.

To cook lusciously glazed,
delicious rice

Wash the rice with acidic water 1~2 times and then rinse with purified water. Use level-2 or level-3 alkaline water to soak the rice for about 30 minutes and then cook the create glutinous, glazed rice with exceptional savory taste that doesn't spoil easily. (Use a smaller quantity of water than when cooking with ordinary water.

If you're concerned about
agri-chemicals and fertilizers

If you wish to directly consume various vegetables and fruits, wash them with acidic water and finally rinse with alkaline water. The acidic water has strong oxidation power that can remove even bacteria, viruses, and agri-chemicals, and maintains the freshness and natural hues of the vegetables and fruits during washing.

Uses of Acidic water

When cooking noodles

When boiling noodles, use acidic water make them glutinous and chewy. However, thicker noodles or pasta (such as ramen noodles or spaghetti) may not be cooked easily with acidic water, so use alkaline water instead.

For fried foods

When frying, using acidic water gives you a crispier and more savory result.

For boiled eggs

If you boil eggs with acidic water, boiled eggs have a chewy texture and peels shell easily.

When washing kitchenware

Acidic ionized water has excellent cleaning and disinfecting power and is thus optimal for use in washing dishes and kitchenware to maintain their gloss and cleanliness for a longer period.

When cleaning
the bathroom or kitchen

Using strong acidic ionized water when cleaning the tiled floors of hallways, etc. greatly facilitates the removal of dust from every nook and cranny, and because the acidic ionized water dries quickly, it prevents stickiness.

Acne and Skin Problems

Acid water from your water ionizer has an astringent effect and can be used with helping to treat or prevent acne, skin spots and other minor skin problems.
Washing the face with acidic water helps to make the skin smooth, and helps to improve the overall health and sheen of your skin.

Watering Plants

Use it to water house plants or outside plants to promote growth. Plants respond well to acidic water - rain water is acidic.

and Hair and Bath

Rinse your hair with acidic water before and after shampooing to help prevent hair loss, dandruff, itchy scalp.

Pet Friendly

Bathe your pets with it for an overall healthier coat.

Insect Bites

provides relief from the itch or sting of mosquito and bug bites.

Uses of Turbo water

The TURBO function allows you to create strong Alkaline water and strong acidic water.
These types of waters are ONLY to be used for cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting purposes.