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Brand New TYENT Water Ionizer!!

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작성자 Taeyoung E&T Co…
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Our Brand New TYENT Water Ionizer!!


The world's most popular water ionizer, the TYENT Water Ionizer, has been released as an upgrade,

and the new model is named YT22-4TL13D / ACE13.

The interest of buyers from all over the world are focused on this model which has 13 electrolytic cell.

It's Industry's first & largest electrolytic cell quantity of electrodes installed! - 13 electrolytic cell!


And it also has proximity sensor function for automatic water outflow!

For customer's convenient, hands-free operation, TYENT is proud to introduce the industry's first and

only fully programmable, motion activated flow sensor. Now you can have your most frequently

used water choices dispersed easily and conveniently with the wave of your hand.

It will be proven excellence of TYENT technologies which lead the global Water Ionizer Market.


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