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Electrolyzed Sterilizing Water Generator > YT25-S5N
Electrolyzed Sterilizing water generator


  • Product
    Electrolyzed Sterilizing water generator
  • Size(mm)
    300(W) X 135(D) X 350(H)
  • Purpose of use
    Disinfection and sterilization of food, utensils, and other apparatus
  • Places to use
    food service facilities, market, gym, animal café,
    hospital infection control
  • Features
  • Specification & Gallery
  • Field of use

Do not buy sterilizer
Disinfectant anymore!


Electrolyzed Water Generator produces concentration you desired


Sterilization • Disinfection • Deodorization

Used anywhere sanitary management is required

Cafeteria, Restaurants, Public facilities, Public transportation, Sanitariums, Public Health centers, Pet hospitals, etc.

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Strong sterilization 99.999%

This test is the result of testing based on the KFDA Notice No. 2021-94, and the result meets the standard

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More convenient sanitation management

Increase the production efficiency without dilution process


Use like a tap water with the automatic outflow method


The one-touch control provides easy and safe use

More clean food quality assurance

Quick sterilization and minimal residue


Less destruction of nutrients such as vitamins when sterilization


Sterilizing water without affecting the taste and the smell for food

More Safe working environment

The Electrolysis of only water and salt to produce an environmentally friendly sterilizing water


Sterilizing water will return to water naturally after outflow

Sterilization · disinfectant

Let the sterilized water generator takes care of it all!

The Sterilizing water generator can be used both as an apparatus and food sterilizer.

  • pro-07 pro-08
    ▲ 100ppm
    [Disinfectant for food such as fruits, vegetables and fresh food]
  • pro-09 pro-10
    ▲ 200ppm
    [Disinfectant for apparatus such as cooking utensils and tableware]
  • pro-11 pro-12
    ▲ 500ppm
    [Sterilization of Strong Contamination such as polluted places]

Product information

Compact size and easy to install

The integral salt tank and water outflow tube with compact size of the device can be easy to install among kitchenware

Countertop and wall-mounted, both are possible!

The integral structure of salt tank

The integral salt tank as the double cover structure increases stability and prevents water leakage.

Both the cover and salt tank body are made of corrosion-resistant materials.

360˚ Spin spout

You can use comfortably in any direction with 360˚ spin spout.

Outflow type

Possible to use straight spray and diffusion spray type.


Pre-filter protects the product from foreign substances and inlet water and keeps stability of sterilizing water solution.

Easy to replace pre-filter located front side of the product.

Display board with easy identification

Each button is designed with numbers and icons, so you can easily identify the purpose and function.

You can see the live status with LED display when its use.

Proximity sensor function

The proximity sensor system allows you to easily get the water going or stop without touch.

Set the proximity sensor to your favorite and most commonly used water setting and also, you can stop the function with one touch when not in use.

Quantity control function

Set quantity of water as needed.

For your convenience, basic 10 / 20 / 30 / 40 / 50L can be possible to use and also, customize to set 1L~60L as your favor.

Safety system

Child lock : This is a safety lock function to prohibit the use of products other than the user such as children and the elderly.

Safe Self check function : When diagnosing the unmet condition such as electrolytes(salt) and flow, safety system has been operate with display and buzzer sound and then automatically stop.

Automatic Cleaning function

Cleaning function is to clean residue from electrolyzer and pipe.

This system increases the durability of the product and keeps steady concentration of water.

Product composition


Control and Display

01 Proximity sensor Proximity sensor operation 09 Child lock Child lock on/off setup
02 Display(ppm) Status display of concentration 10 Cleaning function Execution to clean inner part of the device
03 Display(L) Status display of water outflow 11 Proximity sensor Proximity sensor setup & function on/off
04 100ppm 100 ppm active concentration 12 Filter reset Display of filter reset / Filter usage
05 200ppm 200 ppm active concentration 13 Up Value increase when setting
06 500ppm 500 ppm active concentration 14 Down Value decrease when setting
07 Fixed quantity Fixed quantity setup 15 On/Off Power On/Off
08 Setup System setup

Place to use

  • pro-25 pro-26 pro-27

    Public places and facilities such as Schools, daycare centers and play places

  • pro-28 pro-29 pro-30

    Multi use facilitie such as Hospitals, nursing hospitals and public transportation

  • pro-31 pro-32 pro-33

    Restaurant business such as cafeterias, cafes and restaurant franchise.

Model YT25-S5N
Dimensions & weight Size(mm) 300(W) x 135(D) x 350(H) Weight 5kg
Display & control Display RND display Control Touch sensor
Power Power supply method SMPS Rated voltage & Frequency AC 100~240V 50/60Hz
Electrolysis division Electrolyte NaCl(99%) Electrolyte tank capacity Approximately 800ml
Produce division Electrolysis method Non-membrane Electrolysis Filter Sediment filter 1 ea
Water outflow Available Chlorine concentration 100 / 200 / 500 Water outflow stage 3 stage
Water outflow rate Below 5L /min Sterilization main ingredient NaOCl(sodium hypochlorite)
Convenience and
safety function
Fixed quantity function Proximity sensor
Electrolyzer cleaning function Child lock function
Display of filter usage Filter replacement notification
Smart A.I self diagnostics When the error occurs,
the device automatically stop
Available Chlorine concentration control
Environment of use Water quality Water supply
(Suitable for drinking water standards)
Water pressure 3kgf/㎠ or more
Water temperature 4~35℃


Where to use : Schools, Kindergarden, Daycare centers, Company cafeterias, Restaurants, etc.
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Sterilization and Disinfection for food such as fruits, vegetables, eggs, seafood, meat, etc.
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  • uses_09 uses_10
  • uses_11 uses_12
Sterilization and Disinfection for apparatus such as cook ware, tables, chair, cooking utensils , etc.
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  • uses_15 uses_16
  • uses_17
Sterilization and Disinfection when infection of virus occurs.

Medical facility

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  • uses_20 uses_21
  • uses_22
Used in Medical institutions, Sanitariums, Public health centers, Pet hospitals, etc

Public facilities

  • uses_23 uses_24
  • uses_25 uses_26
  • uses_27
Kindergardens, Daycare centers, public institutions, offices, Exhibit halls, Convention rooms, Libraries, etc.

Multi-Purpose Facilities

  • uses_28 uses_29
  • uses_30 uses_31
  • uses_32
Commercial facilities, Accommodations, Indoor sports facilities
such as Traditional markets, Shopping malls, Department stores, etc.

Public transportation

  • uses_33 uses_34
  • uses_35
  • uses_36
Transportation such as Subway, Trains, Bus, etc.