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Dangers Of Drinking Bottled Alkaline Water! Drinking Water by Tyent Wa…

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Although it’s not as mainstream as other types of water, you may have seen bottled alkaline water for sale and wondered whether it’s worth spending your money on, or even whether it’s a viable alternative to owning a water ionizer.

How Does it Compare?

Bottled alkaline water is fine to drink if you don’t have an ionizer, if you’re away from home or simply prefer to avoid tap water or other types of the bottled stuff. However, it is not the case that bottled alkaline water can compare, in terms of the benefits it delivers, to an ionizer.

The water will hydrate you, but in a way that’s more comparable to regular water, rather than ionized alkaline water, which is up to 6 times more hydrating.

Bottled alkaline water does not contain the antioxidants that are found in ionized water, nor does it offer the same, all-important high pH value. Depending on the brand, bottled alkaline water might have been cleaned by a disinfecting process, reverse osmosis or distillation, with all naturally beneficial minerals removed as a result, only to be added back to the ‘clean’ water in the form of mineral supplements.

Plastic is Not Fantastic

Most alkaline waters are sold in plastic bottles, which continue to be scrutinized for their effect on our health. An increasing number of studies conclude that yes, Bisphenol A (BPA, the substance found in most plastics) does leak out of the plastic itself to contaminate the contents. While some studies seek to assert that there is no detrimental effect on our health, we’re still learning about its long-term effects. Knowingly consuming BPA on a regular basis isn’t something that many people feel confortable with.

BPA is hard to avoid, as it can be found in so many every day objects, but reducing the amount we actively imbibe makes good sense.

Better Than Other Bottles

There are many other types of bottled water that fall short of bottled alkaline water, and as we indicated earlier, it’s a better option than many. Confronted with a refrigerator filled with different types of bottled water, alkaline water is probably one of the best to reach for, despite its relative shortcomings compared to ionized alkaline water from a water ionizer.


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